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Supermarket23 Villa Clara

Supermarket23 Villa Clara is a well-known grocery store in Villa Clara, Cuba. With over 8500 square feet of shop space and 382 staff, the store offers a diverse range of food, household goods, and other products to local residents and visitors.

The store initially opened its doors in 2015 and has since become a community fixture, offering quality goods in a clean, modern environment. Customers like Supermarket23’s convenient location, affordable prices, and exceptional customer service, which distinguishes it from other supermarkets in the region.

Location and history

Supermarket23 Villa Clara is strategically situated on a major road in the heart of Villa Clara, making it easily accessible by car or public transportation. The store occupies a large, purpose-built facility that was designed specifically for a high-volume supermarket.

Prior to becoming Supermarket23, the facility housed a smaller local market for over 30 years. When the owners decided to rebrand and upgrade to a full-service supermarket concept, they chose to retain the “23” in the name as a nod to the location’s history.

Product range and departments

Supermarket23 Villa Clara offers a wide range of products in all major grocery categories. Fresh produce, meat, and fish are available, as well as sealed and canned goods, baked goods, frozen foods, beverages, snacks, health products, baby supplies, pet supplies, and other items.

The vast produce department offers attractive displays of fresh fruits and vegetables that are renewed on a regular basis. Shoppers will find a variety of locally grown products as well as exotic imports. The butcher counter offers high-quality cuts of meat that are fresh and reasonably priced.

Some of the standout departments at combos de Supermarket23 Villa Clara include:


The pleasant aroma of fresh breads, cakes, pies, and pastries made on-site daily fills the air in the in-store bakery. Shoppers will find Cuban classics such as guava tarts and coconut rolls, as well as new products.


The deli has a wide variety of hot and cold prepared items that are suitable for a quick meal on a hurry. Pizza, roasted chicken, sandwiches, salads, and vegetables are available.

In keeping with modern supermarket trends, Supermarket23 Villa Clara incorporates other specialty shops within its walls for added convenience. Shoppers will find a pharmacy, florist, mobile provider kiosk and coffee shop on the premises.

Supermarket23 Villa Clara

Shopping experience

The founders of Supermarket23 Villa Clara designed the store to be more than just a place to shop. Market Vast lanes allow for relaxed shopping, and friendly staff are always on hand to help.

When customers enter, they grab a trolley or basket and begin browsing the spacious department store-style layout. Items are easy to find because of well-organized sectors and apparent labelling. Seafood and cheese special counters provide personal service from skilled professionals who are passionate about their products.

Kids will not be bored either, thanks to small carts designed just for them to push as well as specially supervised play areas. Parents can shop freely knowing that their children are happy and safe.

At each desk, there are friendly cashiers who help customers quickly and carefully. For your ease, there are also self-checkout stations for smaller purchases.

Payment methods

The Supermarket23 farmacia Villa Clara has a variety of 100%safe and easy ways for customers to pay that are designed to serve what they want and prefer. All major credit cards, like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, are accepted along with cash and debit cards.

Additional payment methods facilitate the cashless consumer and innovation of the present day. Touchless methods such as mobile wallet transactions using Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted at self-checkout stations. Additionally, the Bitcoin digital currency is accepted as an alternative method of payment

To better serve many foreign tourists who come to Villa Clara, currency exchange services change Cuban convertible pesos (CUCs) into US dollars, Euros, and British pounds. Either self-service machines or manned booths near the store’s doors and exits make transactions easier.

Tips for shopping at supermarket23 villa clara

Here are some top tips for getting the best experience when shopping at Supermarket23 Villa Clara:

  • Download the Supermarket23 app for quick access to digital coupons, weekly specials fliers, and loyalty program info.
  • Bring reusable shopping bags or boxes to minimize the use of paper and plastic bags.
  • Shop the freshest vegetables, baked goods, and newest stock first thing in the morning.
  • Chat with particular shop specialists including butchers, bakers, and cheese mongers for personalized recommendations.
  • Try free food and drink demos to find new favorites.
  • Use store services like home delivery, curbside pickup, or medications refills to make things as easy as possible.
  • Sign up for a loyalty membership card to get rewards points and access to sales and deals that are only open to members.
  • Visit the store’s website and social media pages to find out about upcoming contests, events, or donation drives.

Events and community engagement

Supermarket23 aceite Villa Clara wants to keep customers interested by organizing family-friendly events, making gifts, and working with organizations to help local causes. At festivals in the parking lot, there might be food trucks, live music, arts and crafts, pet adoptions, and health checks by nonprofits in the area.

People who want to win big prizes like trips, electronics, and free food for a year attend drawing events in droves. People can buy raffle tickets, and the money from the sales goes to a charity chosen every month.

The store also gives back by giving baked goods, dried foods, and toiletries that don’t sell to food banks, women’s shelters, and senior centres in the area. Schools in the area have gotten money from staff dress-down days and gifts taken at the cash desk.

Future expansion plans

Supermarket23 has achieved sustained sales growth and great customer demand as a result of Villa Clara’s growing population and attract as a tourist destination. Long-term plans are in place to open more facilities across the province to meet projected regional expansion in the future years.

A second Supermarket23 store, barely 10 miles away, is planned to open in 2025. The second construction, at 65,000 square feet, will replicate the successful flagship model on a larger scale to give additional selection and services to surrounding communities.

Comparisons to other supermarkets

There are a lot of excellent stores in the Villa Clara area, but Supermarket23 stands out as it offers the best value, quality, and service. People like buying there because it’s bright and spacious, and there are a lot of products at reasonable prices.

Specialty sections like the butcher, deli and bakery have more fresh, high-quality craft foods than many of their nearby competitors. Supermarket23 is also ahead of its competitors when it comes to using technology to make things easier for customers and help the environment.

In the end, though, the supermarket’s tireless commitment to friendly, helpful customer service from the moment you enter until you checkout make it special from the other grocery stores in town and helps it build a loyal customer base.


Does Supermarket23 Villa Clara offer sales or lower prices for loyalty members?

Yes, the store publishes both print and digital weekly promotional circulars detailing current sales, special offers and loyalty card member exclusives across all departments.

What are the operating hours for Supermarket23 Villa Clara?

The store is open daily from 8 AM until 11 PM for a total of 15 convenient shopping hours.

Does Supermarket23 Villa Clara have electric vehicle charging stations in the parking lot?

Yes, the store has 10 state-of-the art EV charging stations located in the parking area closest to the building for convenient access. Charging is currently free of charge for supermarket patrons.

What options are available for online grocery ordering and delivery?

Through the Supermarket23 website and mobile app, customers can build virtual shopping carts to purchase groceries for home delivery or specified pick-up times. Same-day delivery slots may have minimum order requirements.

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